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Aurisina and Repen marbles, characterised by grey tonalities and embellished by a variable presence of fossils, are elegant and versatile materials whose application is suitable for projects of any architectural style, from the fanciest to the most minimalistic ones.

An endless story...

The thousand-year old tradition of Trieste's Aurisina and Repen quarrying activity has historically provided incredibly fine and durable stones that have been used in architecture, both structural and ornamental, as well as statuary and monumental arts. 


Aurisina Fiorita, Aurisina Chiara, Aurisina LumachellaFiore di AurisinaRepen, Repen Classico and Repen Unito are out-of-time marbles used widely since Roman times to the present days, fostered by the position of Trieste at the crossroads between Western and Central-Southern Europe and its port projected on the Mediterranean area.

Since the days of Roman Empire, stone-cutters started to quarry Aurisina and Repen marbles, which were intensively used in the historical Roman colony of Aquileia as well as in other areas for majestic works such as the Arena in Pula. In the same period, these have been widely employed in Tergeste, the then Trieste, and its surroundings. 

Following the underplaying period of Middle Age, Aurisina and Repen marbles saw their heyday when Trieste became the main port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and thousands of cubic meters of marble were transported from Trieste to Vienna through the "Sudbähn", the southern railway, reaching every corner of the reign. During the Habsburg Monarchy, these marbles were employed in the most celebrated buildings of Vienna, such as the Parliament, the Imperial Palace and the Art History Museum, Budapest, such as the Parliament and the Opera House, and the major cities Linz, Innsbruck, Graz, Munich, Salzburg, TriesteLjubljana, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Zagreb.

In more recent times, with the exception of the standstills occurred during the two world wars, Aurisina and Repen marbles were introduced in the global markets, being employed in a great number of projects around the world, such as the railway station and CityLife in Milan, the new headquarter of Lavazza in Turin, the airport in Berlin, La Défense district in Paris, the statues of Suez Canal, the Cairo Museum, the subways in Frankfurt and Atlanta as well as hundreds of other projects in Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, United States, and more.

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