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"Broken Paths"/"Sentieri Interrotti" (Verona, Italy)

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

We have employed our Italian grey marble Aurisina Lumachella and South African black granite Nero Africa in the realisation of "Broken Paths"/"Sentieri Interrotti", an installation designed by Vincenzo Latina and showcased during the "Italian Stone Theatre - Lithic Garden" @ Marmomac 2019.

Location: Verona (Italy)

Quantity: around 80 sqm

Finish: sandblasted, brushed and polished

Application: flooring and cladding

Design: Arch. Vincenzo Latina

Concept: "The Hortus Lithicus is conceived as an abstract and essential bipartite enclosure. One sector is made of Aurisina marble. The other is “enveloped” in panels of Nero Africa granite that highlight the bottom’s depths, upon which a full-wall mirror is placed. On the ground, in the water tank, tall steel stems and Aurisina marble leftovers convey a sense of abstract nature to the installation. Such apparatus creates reflections and mirrorings which dramatically broaden the space, giving birth to an illusive game consisting of the partial dissolution of the enclosure towards a lithic forest.

The feeling is that of entering a “holz”, an ancient German word for forest. In the forest (“holz”), there are paths (“hege”) that, often covered in grass, suddenly break off in the thicket, gradually losing their way, until completely disappearing (from M. Heidegger. Holzwege. Off the beaten track.)"

[Photo credits: Digitalmovie for Marmomac 2019]

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