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Aurisina Chiara: a fine-grain Italian grey marble for the most sophisticated interiors.

Updated: Sep 17

A great comeback for one of the finest Aurisina marbles.

Our Italian grey marble Aurisina Chiara has recently made its return to our Aurisina quarry.

The comeback of this elegant material offers architects and designers the opportunity to decorate their projects with a fine-grain and delicate grey marble that makes each space elegant and sophisticated.

As per all our grey marbles of Aurisina, this material is available in blocks, slabs, tiles and cut-to-size.



Tiles and cut-to-size

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Aurisina Cave 74, 34011, Duino - Aurisina, Trieste (TS), ITALY

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P. IVA 00044700326 - Cap. Sociale € 31.200,00 i.v. - REA di TS n. 61438

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