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Let's get tropical: Verde Liana🌴

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

A sensational green material for one of a kind projects.

Aurisina - Repen - Aurisina Fiorita - Aurisina Lumachella - Marble - Marmo - Stone - Pizzul

Fancy some tropical vibes for your projects? Verde Liana is just the thing for you!

This unique material is characterised by a light green background and liana-shaped copper veins.

Ideal for for flooring and cladding, especially in interior design, as well as countertops, wash basins, furniture and kitchen applications, Verde Liana expresses its potential best when when brushed as its veins physically stand out of the surface creating a pleasant feeling to the touch.

Alternatively, it can be antiqued, leathered, honed or polished.




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