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Elegant yet exotic: Portoro Altagracia marble.

A unique black and gold marble combining wavy and breccia patterns.

Aurisina - Repen - Aurisina Fiorita - Aurisina Lumachella - Marble - Marmo - Stone - Pizzul

Apart from quarrying our own Italian grey marbles, our journey leads us to source the best natural stones from quarries worldwide. Despite the large number of materials we daily come across, Portoro Altagracia has surely a special place in our showroom thanks to its strong character combining the elegance of its golden veins on a deep black background and the exoticism of its wavy and breccia patterns.

The fact that we source our Portoro Altagracia from the sole quarry located in Latin America with priority, allows us to supply the best blocks and produce the highest made-in-Italy quality slabs and cut-to-size.



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